all new exciting puzzle game from invinio

At Invinio we love puzzles in any shape, form, or complexity. But we just couldn't find that perfect puzzle game. The kind that has you playing for hours trying to beat your last highscore. So we've decided to develop one ourselves. Magicpuzzle has all the things we'd want in a puzzle: It's is easy to learn. Hard to master. But most of all super addictive puzzelicious fun. And the best thing about it: it's totally free!

Anyone can instantly get started with MagicPuzzle. But watch out! Those who do will be instantly hooked. Be prepared for some serious finger swiping injuries.
Compare your highscores to those of your buddies. And the rest of the world. The highest score gets a special place on our wall of fame. (In big bold letters). Show the whole world who's boss!
Post your highscores to Facebook. Nothing beats a little friendly competition amongst Facebook friends!

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